Victory for India

Well… In addition to India’s 2011 Cricket World Cup victory, I was inspired by victory of 2011 Anti-Corruption Movement lead by Anna Hazare

Anna Hazare

Corruption is the core issue that we face today. I have to admit, I was very cynical in my view towards “fighting corruption”. Looking at the series of scams we had, I never thought anyone can put an end to this. But things changed when I saw this movement and the result. I really appreciate all those who has joined the movement for their courage and determination.

It was very interesting to see how some politicians reacted to this. Anyway that was on expected lines, no surprises. I don’t have to name them. You know it… I was also inspired by the way the younger generation responded to the whole movement. Yes, we too can bring the change. There is still some ray of hope!

Hmm… Its also interesting to note that, there are still some “intellectuals” who “tries very hard” to use their analytical and statistical skills to view each and everything that happens on earth. Cool! Well? If you haven’t watched CNN-IBN The Last Word: Anna Hazare fast and the Media, please do so.

There were three “intellectuals”, other than Anupam Kher. I was amazed by their intelligence (or lack of it)… May be they never had to visit the local government offices and hence clueless about the facts of life… Or may be they are trying very hard to look at things from different perspective… trying to stay away from “norms” and hence everything looks “abnormal”…

What?! Did you mean – Abnormal Psychology? 🙂

What ever… I don’t care, as long as it helps to end corruption… Well done India! 🙂
This is just a beginning…

Its almost a year since my last post… A bit busy with other tasks…
Btw, I came across this interesting post “A Year After: The People”… 🙂

JavaFX – Rotate Chart Axis Label

It will be difficult to fit in long labels when they are horizontal. Labels will overlap. So it may be nice to rotate the label by small angle so as to fit long text. We may do this by customizing CategoryAxis. As of now it depends on some internal implementation, but it will be nice to have this feature as part of public API

For Applet mode, click on above image. For standalone mode

Try it out and let me know feedback

JavaFX – My Wish List

Independent.. Unplugged.. No “Corporate” Strings Attached..
Just thought of putting down my wish list..

  • Offline Deployment: Users must be able to deploy and execute JavaFX applications in various mode without depending on Yes, with current deployment its much easier to handle deployment and auto-update of runtime (users just need to install JRE). But this is real blocker for Enterprise adoption of JavaFX. In addition to that customers may have some apprehensions related to availability of runtime, even though there are no issues.
  • Better Deployment: Deployment using dtfx.js is fine. But there is room for improvement. This script is a bit heavy. It can be related to numerous checks such as platform, browser, JRE-version etc. May be some of these checks can be moved to server-side (based on user-agent header?) or some option can be provided to disable some of those checks (especially related to JRE-Version). Also a simplified alternative (without dependency on JavaScript) will be of use.
  • WebKit for JavaFX: Most of web services provide HTML content, many of authentication mechanism also needs browser support. It will be great if a JavaFX WebKit component is added.
  • Lazy Loading: In addition to JDK 7 feature – Project Jigsaw, deployment APIs can be provided which will help to differ download and initialization of different features of application.
  • Prism Toolkit: Yes, This is work in progress. Waiting for this to be default Toolkit…
  • Mobile Runtime: As of now mobile runtime is made available only for Windows-Mobile platform. For wider adoption, runtime have to be made available on other platforms such as Android.
  • Better Samples / Demos: Official JavaFX samples was suitable for introducing the new script and basic platform features. Now the platform has matured. Hence we need to have better samples / demos which reflect complex use-cases. Its already under progress in oracle mix forum. We can also include some “best practices” guide. This is really important…

Things like more controls are not included in my list. The platform provides stable framework for controls. Now it should be straight forward to include more controls. So this is not really an issue. More controls will be added soon. Yes we need more documentation on controls framework and CSS.. Hope I didn’t miss anything.. Hope my wish will be fulfilled soon…

JavaFX[1.3] – Power of CSS

There was a question related to setting of background color for TreeView. Yes we can do lot of customization of Controls using CSS. It may be a bit difficult at this point of time due to lack of proper documentation. But you can start playing with CSS using StyleEditor sample.

Below samples shows ListView and TreeView customized using javafx.css file.
Thanks to Jasper Potts for help

For Applet mode, click on above image. For standalone mode

Try it out and let me know feedback
It will be much much easier once the official documentation is in place..

Out of Sun[shine]

Well… This is not about JavaFX (for a change) …

I moved out of Sun MicrosystemsMy Dream Company. Culmination of a decade long association. It was very very difficult decision to make, but after weighing so many different options, have decided to move on.. Interestingly the decision was not influenced by take-over or technology.. I still like the work, believe in the technology and will continue to be strong proponent of Java and JavaFX…

Looked at the cubicle and office for one last time (as employee) and returned my Sun badge.. That definitely was one of the sad moment of my life.. Well.. Life moves on..

OK! enough of personal stuff.. Now get back to JavaFX!

JavaFX [1.3] – TableView (?)

Yes! TableView or Data-Grid is really important control and must be included in JavaFX. If you are really in hurry and can use JavaFX 1.2, you can use XTableView from JFXtras. They are also working on JavaFX 1.3 complaint JFXtras 0.7. If you want it to be part of official JavaFX version, put more pressure on Jonathan Giles

If both these strategies failed, you can still put together TableView using a group of ListView. All foundation for implementing a scalable TableView is already in place based on Cell API.

For Applet mode, click on above image
For standalone mode

Mean while you can use above TableView implementation. View is constructed using a set of ListView. The data model is direct copy of Swing. So didn’t really put any effort for implementing this…

Try it out and let me know feedback.. Please let Jonathan Giles know all your requirements on TableView, so that it will be complete and will address all your requirements when its released

JavaFX [1.3] – TreeView

JavaFX 1.3 has TreeView as preview control. Here I’ll demonstrate how to use it to implement a File Browser. For this, we need to implement a custom TreeView.cellFactory which will return a TreeCell instance (View) and provide an implementation for TreeItem (Model). TreeItem.createChildren is implemented so as to add more and more items, as and when user expands the nodes (Drive/Directory).

For Applet mode, click on above image

For standalone mode

Try all preview controls and give your valuable feedback and file RFEs/Bugs in JavaFX – JIRA