JavaFX Mobile – Its Real !!

Please also refer to latest blog – JavaFX for Windows Mobile

I have developed many client side applications using AWT/Swing/2D for desktop. I have never developed any application for Mobile. With JavaFX I could develop applications using Common Profile APIs and deploy the application in JavaFX Emulator. JavaFX ensures that the same application runs fine on Mobile. But still I was a bit skeptical about this. Its not because I don’t trust the mobile engineers, I guess its just human psychology! – Seeing Is Believing. Am I really a mobile application developer?

So I installed a JavaFX mobile runtime (internal build) on my phone and installed various JavaFX samples. Voilà!! I have the samples running perfectly fine the same way as it runs on Emulator!! I took some pictures of them so as to share with all of you.

Now I’m convinced JavaFX Mobile is real and I’m mobile developer! If still not convinced, you will have to wait for official release of runtime so that you can install it on your phone and try it for real!

You may have query regarding details of the phone…
That you can easily guess from the list of partners!

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6 Responses to JavaFX Mobile – Its Real !!

  1. Dave says:

    Waaaay cool!
    Please, someone from Sun sticky this blog on the frontpage, especially while traffic to the site is high!!

  2. Great news … I heard you got a mobile :). I also want to see it !

  3. Jason says:

    HAHA, I have found the Windows Mobile icon, that means the JavaFX mobile can be installed on the Windows Mobile? I feel satisfactory if it can run on Windows mobile device, it will be perfect if it also run Symbian, Andriod, Iphone. HAHA I am dreaming of it

  4. Rakesh Menon says:

    @Jason Yes its installed on windows mobile.. Unfortunately, as you know, I won’t be able to share any further info on this.. 🙂 Stay tuned..

  5. Ajith Kumar says:

    Hi Rakesh,
    I have been exploring on JavaFX fo0r some time. Would like to which mobiles have you used to install JavaFX or is it like any Windows mobile would do.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Ajith Kumar

  6. Rakesh Menon says:

    @Ajith Kumar I have seen it running on few LG, Sony Ericsson and HTC phones. Beyond that I don’t have much info as of now.

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