JavaFX – Learn and Solve a Mystery!

“Every great technological, scientific or agricultural advancement, throughout history, has been preceded by unexplained phenomenon” – The JUMP Theory

Learning JavaFX is fun?
Want to make it more interesting and help to solve a mystery?
Sounds Interesting?

P.I.E. – Paranormal Investigation Experts

The new alternate and interactive reality game called the PIE Theory is uniquely designed to be a fun and interesting way to learn JavaFX. The PIE Theory is heralded by researchers Baron Rude and Hector Macchiato, who believe that unexplained paranormal events are omens of a massive change in the direction of mankind. They have collected evidence throughout history where significant leaps in technology, science, and agriculture — known as a JUMP — were preceded by strange sightings and visitations. Both believe that another JUMP is about to occur and are asking for your help to track events and uncover the truth about the phenomena.

To take part, register at the PIE Theory Web site and download the toolkit, which contains JavaFX 1.1 and NetBeans 6.5. Both of these programs will help you help Baron and Hector unlock the clues for the next JUMP, and as a bonus, teach you JavaFX in the process.

You will use JavaFX to help Baron and Hector figure out when and where the next JUMP will happen, and what it will entail. The PIE Theory already has a wide network of collaborators and is actively collecting clues on their Wiki. So join current team members who are already working together on the PIE Network Forum, OSUM, Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube and recruit others to help prepare for the next JUMP.

Join the P.I.E. Network to help uncover the truth.

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2 Responses to JavaFX – Learn and Solve a Mystery!

  1. ramya says:

    Hi im not able to find the scene.chart package with my javafx sdk…what should i do to install or upgrade my older sdk?

  2. Rakesh Menon says:

    @ramya Its available in JavaFX 1.2 in javafx.scene.chart package. You will have to download and install JavaFX 1.2 SDK (latest) from

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