JavaFX – Lazy Loading

It will be nice if we could break down the application into smaller modules and load the modules as and when its required. This will significantly reduce the start-up time. Here is an attempt to perform lazy loading of javafx modules.

A list of samples is shown. User can select the sample to be loaded from this list. The samples are dynamically loaded from JavaFX Samples. The sample is loaded using URLClassLoader. Then its instantiated and content of stage (JFrame) is obtained and added to main application.

Click on above image to load the Applet

This is an experimental implementation, just to try out the approach. There are issues with focus (cursor not shown on TextBox, but can still type), multiple Stage (JFrame) and may be some memory leak. The content is initially shown on another frame. Then its removed from original frame and added it to main frame. This causes some flickering. The implementation can be enhanced a bit so as to use some internal APIs and make things a bit more elegant. In any case I think the next version of JavaFX will have built in support for this. Which will be much more stable and flexible.

Disclaimer: Its an experimental implementation. Not concrete yet. Yes it can be enhanced. I just thought of putting it out so others can try to enhance it..


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10 Responses to JavaFX – Lazy Loading

  1. Raghu Nair says:

    Simply awesome!!
    Most of the developers where using this feature from JavaFX.

  2. Raghu Nair says:

    There are lot of focus issues in my Firefox browser.

  3. kamiseq says:

    do you know if your app is embedded in wbrowser then you can somehow talk to javascript?

  4. Rakesh Menon says:

    @kamiseq If application is executed in browser mode "{__PROFILE__}" variable will be set to "browser". You may refer to to get some intro on how to invoke JavaScript from JavaFX.

  5. HitMan says:

    Very good article..
    it will be good for us if u provide complete Netbeans project not separate files of source code

  6. Sundar raj says:

    When i try running this on ubuntu Firefox ,There are lots of issue flickering, opens up a JFrame and never closes, finally it just froze my browser and made me kill the process.

  7. Rakesh Menon says:

    @Raghu & Sundar raj Thanks for feedback, I enhanced the warning level with a disclaimer.

  8. Rakesh Menon says:

    @HitMan Thanks.. Yes, I am planning to putback all source to public repository and link it here.

  9. alexsentcha says:

    Click on image above to load the applet does not work!

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