JavaFX – ComboBox [Mobile]

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JavaFX 1.3 introduces many new controls. Please use ChoiceBox, MenuButton or SplitMenuButton

Its more almost 6 months since I implemented a sample ComboBox using Control and Skin interface. There is lot of interest for proper implementation of this control. This post is still among my top posts. So thought of enhancing the implementation a bit so as to make it work on real mobile!

For Applet mode, click on above image

For standalone mode

I could also run this sample on Sony-Ericsson XPERIA

Try this new version and let me know feedback


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8 Responses to JavaFX – ComboBox [Mobile]

  1. Nice Rakesh.
    Applet size is looking little small in the top applet. Some combo stuff is going out of the applet.

  2. Siva says:

    Hi Rakesh,
    Thanks for providing the latest sources.
    I have taken latest source and installed on ASUS(Windows Mobile 6.0). I am facing the same problem.
    I am using
    NetBeans IDE 6.7
    JavaFX 1.2
    ASUS(Windows Mobile 6.0)
    I build the combobox application on Netbeans 6.7 and installed the jar on mobile. No output.

  3. Rakesh Menon says:

    @Siva are you able to launch default demos available in JavaFX for Windows Mobile (EA)?

  4. Siva says:

    Hi Rakesh,
    I am able run the default demos and some other application (which developed by me) on JavaFX for Windows Mobile(EA).

  5. clob says:

    Hi all, I’m facing the same problem for all my mobile javaFX apps. The rendering in a real windows mobile envt is very small and not workable

  6. Gireesh says:

    Hi Rakesh,
    You are having excellent posts in JavaFX. I am working on a very unique JavaFX applet and would like to know if its possible for JavaFX applet to interact with the current IE APIs (signed applet). I would like to add listeners IE to capture user actions (for web automation), import bookmarks/favs, close/open toolbar/Explorer bar etc.
    Do you have any idea on how I can get these working with applet ? Please email me at

  7. Rakesh Menon says:

    @clob I think the issue you are facing is related to higher resolution in real device and hence the UI is small, you may refer to below workaround:

  8. Siva says:

    Hi Rakesh,
    Its working fine on Windows Mobile, now. Its working on latest version of JavaFX 1.2 for Window Mobile.
    Thank you for your reply. I would like know, can we expect the Table,Combobox, Popup, Tool tips and some other useful controls in the next version of JavaFX(Or does they available in the current version). Because i am working on new application for Mobile. It needs Table, Combobox etc. controls.

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