What is “Rich” in RIA?

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I viewed my tag cloud and noticed some pattern in my posts. The topics are mostly inspired by feedback from various JavaFX related forums. So I think it reflects the requirements / expectations of end users.

Earlier developers focused on “User Interface” and first impression that I get from “RIA” is Photoshopped or GIMPed UI. But now we expand the scope so as to include various other aspects and focus on “User Experience”. The scope of “RIA” itself may broaden to include “REA”.

All these brings an interesting question.. What does “Rich” in “RIA” mean to you? Here is an attempt to map those “Rich” User Experience requirements back to technology and find what it means in terms of technology.

Please participate in this poll so as to help me understand your requirements.. This will also help me decide future topics to be included in my blogs.. Thanks a lot for your time, support and feedback.. 🙂

Poll results announced here…

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