JavaFX + Yahoo Weather

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JavaFX Composer preview is available. You can install this plugin. In NetBeans IDE, goto “Tools” -> “Plugins” -> “Available Plugins”. Select “JavaFX Composer” and install the Plugin. Please refer to NetBeans JavaFX Composer for more information.

Summer has set in like a flick of a switch! So couldn’t think of anything else other than Weather. Developed a simple Weather application using Yahoo Weather RSS Feed. It was much easier to visualize and develop using JavaFX Composer, especially for small widget like applications. Soon we will be able to develop complex application using this…

To launch click on above image or

The city is set to Bangalore city by default. Double click on the widget to enable the TextBox, in which you can enter your ZipCode or City and press “Enter” key. Ideally I must persist this information using Storage APIs, but I leave that task to you!

For getting the information from Yahoo, we need to first identify the Where On Earth ID – WOEID of the city using its ZipCode or Name. Please refer to Yahoo WOEID documentation for more information. Once we identify the WOEID, we can use forecastrss feed for getting the weather information.

Please try it out and let me know feedback..


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7 Responses to JavaFX + Yahoo Weather

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  4. Santosh Gokak says:

    I created a similar project and hosted it on google code.
    try it out let me know ways to improve it
    Thanks for your post

  5. Boogie says:

    i have a question for you. could u tell me how u got the scene to be transparent in javafx composer? somehow it doesn’t work for me, but i’m sure i’m doing something wrong 😛 .

    • Rakesh Menon says:

      @Boogie You can set “Background Fill’ property for Scene to javafx.scene.paint.Color.TRANSPARENT.
      But I manually coded the Stage style to StageStyle.TRANSPARENT in Main.fx

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