JavaFX – Deployment

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I would like to highlight two import features in java deployment – Deployment Toolkit and Download-Service (available in Java 1.6.0_18). There is an excellent article on Deploying RIAs in Mixed Environments. This will help in understanding and resolving many of Java/JavaFX deployment issues. JavaFX deployment script – dtfx.js – already does lot of these checking. But these APIs will enable further customization related to JRE-Version, OS, Browser etc.

Please click on above image to load the HTML page with JavaScript which demonstrates use of these APIs

DownloadService provides APIs to query user cache. This can be used to request and update resources required by your application. It may be used to query existence of JavaFX runtime extension in cache. Sometimes this runtime is cached in “system” cache, and hence it may not be possible to query using this API. Please refer to and DownloadService.html for more information on usage. Entire list of JNLP Service APIs is available here. Refer to “Deployment” section in JavaFX Tutorials for more information..

Please try it out and let me know feedback..


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4 Responses to JavaFX – Deployment

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  3. jbs says:

    I’ve got javafx sdk 1.2.3 but the javafx version displayed on the page says javafx 1.1?


  4. Rakesh Menon says:

    @jbs Thanks for feedback.. Looks like you have both versions, I need to update logic to look for multiple versions.. As of now I just print the first version and break from loop.

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