JavaFX – Wizard UI

This demonstrates implementation of simple wizard user interface using a combination of Container, Button and bind.

To launch click on above image or

I have a main Container – Wizard. This has the navigation buttons and a sequence of Containers – WizardPanel, which contains the user interface for each panel. A variable selectedIndex in Wizard keeps track of currently shown panel. Variable selectedPanel holds the instance of selected panel. A new panel instance is set to this variable when index is updated. The node is bound to content so as to update UI when a new panel is set. Disabled state of “Back” and “Next” button is set dynamically using bind with selectedIndex.

The panels in demo uses a series of SVG images – Duke, Lamborghini and Tiger. Its converted into FXZ format using JavaFX Production Suite – SVG Converter and ofcourse the text is from wikipedia

Please try it out and let me know feedback..


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7 Responses to JavaFX – Wizard UI

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  4. Oliver says:

    Nice one….

    We have done something similar, a global “Frame, Background and menue” class. On ‘Selection’, a different element (called workbench) for editing a different entity is hooked to a variable within the global class, who’S content is bound to the variable:
    All workbenches extend one common abstract class.
    We had to experiment a lot and finaly had to wrapp the CustomNode ‘workbench’ within a extra Group to make it work, otherwise(bound direktly) the Node would be changed but not redrawn.

  5. Rakesh Menon says:

    @Oliver It should not make any difference, but may be there is some issue with JavaFX. It must trigger a repaint automatically, if content is bound and updated. I think adding a Group should be fine, it won’t introduce much overhead. Yes, as you mentioned, in real scenario WizardPanel in above sample will be (abstract) base-class.

  6. Oliver says:

    Thanx for the feedback. We guess it’s because we bound to a CustomNode, but who knows 😉

    I don’t want to be impolite but could you please contact me (I’m having massive trouble with OTN and Sun Foru, otherwise I would have written you instead of posting here.), I would be glad to discusss/Ask you some questions about image processing in JavaFX.


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