Out of Sun[shine]

Well… This is not about JavaFX (for a change) …

I moved out of Sun MicrosystemsMy Dream Company. Culmination of a decade long association. It was very very difficult decision to make, but after weighing so many different options, have decided to move on.. Interestingly the decision was not influenced by take-over or technology.. I still like the work, believe in the technology and will continue to be strong proponent of Java and JavaFX…

Looked at the cubicle and office for one last time (as employee) and returned my Sun badge.. That definitely was one of the sad moment of my life.. Well.. Life moves on..

OK! enough of personal stuff.. Now get back to JavaFX!


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13 Responses to Out of Sun[shine]

  1. Good Luck Rakesh!

    I can feel your sadness in you typed words. I have no idea why you leave Sun, but I’m sure that you’re one of the best JavaFX programmers that I know.

    I’m so happy to know that you will keep your JavaFX activities! Thanks!

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  3. Daniel Ziltener says:

    Good luck!
    I hope you’ll find an employer at least almost as good as Sun.
    Thank you for your postings about JavaFX, I’m happy to hear you’ll continue with it.

  4. Jim Weaver says:

    Rakesh (AKA Atom Smasher),

    Your blog, and other contributions to the JavaFX community, have been outstanding. Even though you are no longer with Sun/Oracle, I hope that you’ll continue providing enlightenment on JavaFX to the developer community through your blog, etc.

    I wish you much success, Rakesh!

    Jim Weaver

  5. Dean Iverson says:

    Good luck with the new job, Rakesh! I’m glad to hear that you intend to keep up the great blog posts.


  6. Alex Ruiz says:

    I wish the best luck on your new adventure, Rakesh! I’m happy to hear you found a good employer. They are very fortunate to have you! 🙂


  7. geekycoder says:

    Hi, Rakesh,
    but I thought cisco is generally a hardware company unlike oracle. Are you still a coder in Cisco ?

    • Rakesh Menon says:

      Yeah! Same question was asked when I joined Sun long back, it was mostly hardware.. May be I like to work for “Systems” company.. 🙂 At Cisco, I work on network management software client.. Yes, still coder, d0main is different, technology is still Java..

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