JavaFX – My Wish List

Independent.. Unplugged.. No “Corporate” Strings Attached..
Just thought of putting down my wish list..

  • Offline Deployment: Users must be able to deploy and execute JavaFX applications in various mode without depending on Yes, with current deployment its much easier to handle deployment and auto-update of runtime (users just need to install JRE). But this is real blocker for Enterprise adoption of JavaFX. In addition to that customers may have some apprehensions related to availability of runtime, even though there are no issues.
  • Better Deployment: Deployment using dtfx.js is fine. But there is room for improvement. This script is a bit heavy. It can be related to numerous checks such as platform, browser, JRE-version etc. May be some of these checks can be moved to server-side (based on user-agent header?) or some option can be provided to disable some of those checks (especially related to JRE-Version). Also a simplified alternative (without dependency on JavaScript) will be of use.
  • WebKit for JavaFX: Most of web services provide HTML content, many of authentication mechanism also needs browser support. It will be great if a JavaFX WebKit component is added.
  • Lazy Loading: In addition to JDK 7 feature – Project Jigsaw, deployment APIs can be provided which will help to differ download and initialization of different features of application.
  • Prism Toolkit: Yes, This is work in progress. Waiting for this to be default Toolkit…
  • Mobile Runtime: As of now mobile runtime is made available only for Windows-Mobile platform. For wider adoption, runtime have to be made available on other platforms such as Android.
  • Better Samples / Demos: Official JavaFX samples was suitable for introducing the new script and basic platform features. Now the platform has matured. Hence we need to have better samples / demos which reflect complex use-cases. Its already under progress in oracle mix forum. We can also include some “best practices” guide. This is really important…

Things like more controls are not included in my list. The platform provides stable framework for controls. Now it should be straight forward to include more controls. So this is not really an issue. More controls will be added soon. Yes we need more documentation on controls framework and CSS.. Hope I didn’t miss anything.. Hope my wish will be fulfilled soon…


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20 Responses to JavaFX – My Wish List

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  2. belajar-javafx says:

    yes i hope so :D…

  3. Kishore says:

    I wish, Java applets not freezing/crashing browsers was also there in the wish list πŸ™‚

    • Rakesh Menon says:

      Hmm… I believe this is not generic issue… May be issue on Mac or while using previous version of JRE? Also Out-of-Process plugin will not crash browsers, so looks like its some previous version of JRE… Yes, freeze is an issue, I believe most of those issues are related to deployment scripts and will be addressed soon..

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  5. Guido says:

    Hi Rakesh,
    Hope you will continue to blog about JavaFX even if you left Oracle.
    Thanks for the cool articles so far, they really helped the adoption of JavaFX.
    I wrote a simple wrapper around the Swing HTML renderer Flying Saucer to read ebooks in a small application but I agree we really need this JWebPane.

    • Rakesh Menon says:

      Thatz Great! Yes, I think a full-fledged viewer is essential moving forward.. Yes, I will continue to blog, as of now I’m trying to settle and familiarizing with the project and codebase.. So a bit busy with that..

  6. Kishore says:

    Curious to know whether are you going to work on JavaFX in your new job at Cisco ?
    If so we can expect a great JavaFX application from Cisco πŸ™‚

  7. Joe Cheri Ross says:

    Hi Rakesh,
    This is for the first time I am trying with JavaFX.
    I developed a JavaFX application with netbeans and it was working fine in ‘standard run’ configuration. When I tried with web start and browser run it is not working. In browser it is shown as a plain brown coloured square.

    This application make use of tableview control(developed by you) and swing JTree control.
    Please share your thoughts regarding this issue.


    • Rakesh Menon says:

      Can you enable java-console and let me know if its throwing any exception in console?

      • Joe Cheri Ross says:

        Hi Rakesh,

        I tried in console with javafx command and it threw an exception as the xml files I make use of should be in the current dir. I put it there and it worked fine. But still it is not working in webstart and browser.


      • Joe Cheri Ross says:

        Hi Rakesh,

        Thanks for the support. I could solve it. It was as simple as “javafx sand box cannot access any external resources like file or DB”. I was doing that and was expecting it work. I expected an exception if it doesn’t actually.


      • Rakesh Menon says:

        oh! ok.. yes, you can view such errors from java-console..

    • Joe Cheri Ross says:

      Hi Rakesh,

      I could solve this issue of accessing external resources by signing the jar. Now there is no problem with accessing external database.


  8. Narayan says:

    Rakesh that was great wish i m also hoping so..
    But still i’m in issue of applet which is not good .
    The java must be run like a flash as Objects more faster compatible for HTML 5.
    And at the java runtime of browser plugin i can see that the java runtime is still available from 1.x to 1.6.x which must be minimized.I wish java runtime would be very light.

    In the same way the javafx applet doesn’t update to the main server files. It still runs from the client cache resources even the server files are updated. I’m facing this problem several times.I think this is also needed to be improved.

    • Rakesh Menon says:

      Agree. Lazy Loading + Modularization + Prism will definitely improve startup time.

      Regarding update of cached files, it does check for updates before application startup. It doesn’t update if it couldn’t detect any changes with in pre-defined timeout. By default this relies on timestamp of jars, which may not be reliable, or which may not detect changes instantaneously. You may also specify versions for different updates.

  9. alexsentcha says:

    Rakeh Hi,
    I want to par applets places in google code. I’m using TortoiseHg v2.2 and pcplcdemos project and I want to post source code and start the applets from the same place, but it really fails to create the same directory tree as javafxdemos. Can you perhaps tell me that?
    Sincerely Alex.

  10. alexsentcha says:

    Hi Rakesh,
    I only want to ask, why in your jnpl file:
    codebase = “”
    is “resource”, but in the goglecode directory “resource” does not exist.

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