JavaFX + Yahoo Placemaker + Maps

I have my travel itinerary or a document with list of cities, such as Seven Wonders of the World. I would like to retrieve the list of cities and the location information associated with it. How to do this??

Yahoo! released new Yahoo! Placemaker APIs. These APIs search for name of places in plain text document and returns the latitude and longitude associated with the place. You can either provide a text or a URL as input to the API. The output can be obtained in XML or RSS format.

Combine above information with Yahoo! Maps will return the maps associated with all places mentioned in specified document! Itn’t that cool?! 🙂

May be I must write more applications and publish at Java-Store!

For Applet mode, click on above image

For standalone mode

In above application we provide a URL which the Placemaker API will parse and returns the list of places. This information is given to Map Image API to retrieve the image. Any valid http URL can be provided as input. There is currently a 50 kbs limit for documents processed by Placemaker. Documents above this length are rejected and returns status 413. Please enter a new URL in textfield and press enter to load new places.


var dzone_url = “”;
var dzone_style = ‘2’;

digg_skin = ‘compact’;
digg_window = ‘new’;