JavaFX – Text Effects

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We can create emboss and engrave text effects by using layers of nodes and Light Effects API. In below screenshots, the first two are generated using layers of nodes and third one using Light effects API.



JankoAtWarpSpeed has many tutorials related to building of functional and good looking web sites. The tutorials can also be adapted for implementing engrave text effect in JavaFX. I followed the steps mentioned in “Two simple ways to create text embossing effect” tutorial and reproduced the engrave effect in JavaFX! The same approach can used for emboss by moving the shadow nodes in opposite direction.

For third effect, I used the SpotLight API. The values specified for this is obtained from Light Effect Sample. Another sample code is available in JavaFX API Docs of SpotLight.

To launch click on above image or

Try it out and let me know feedback.. Please do share other approach..

Also refer to stunning text effects blog entry by Jasper Potts